A Comprehensive Overview of Large Language Models

Authors: Humza Naveed, Asad Ullah Khan, Shi Qiu, Muhammad Saqib, Saeed Anwar, Muhammad Usman, Naveed Akhtar, Nick Barnes, Ajmal Mian

Work in-progress
License: CC BY 4.0

Abstract: Large Language Models (LLMs) have recently demonstrated remarkable capabilities in natural language processing tasks and beyond. This success of LLMs has led to a large influx of research contributions in this direction. These works encompass diverse topics such as architectural innovations of the underlying neural networks, context length improvements, model alignment, training datasets, benchmarking, efficiency and more. With the rapid development of techniques and regular breakthroughs in LLM research, it has become considerably challenging to perceive the bigger picture of the advances in this direction. Considering the rapidly emerging plethora of literature on LLMs, it is imperative that the research community is able to benefit from a concise yet comprehensive overview of the recent developments in this field. This article provides that overview to the research community. It not only focuses on a systematic treatment of the existing literature on a broad range of LLM related concept, but also pays special attention to providing comprehensive summaries with extensive details about the individual existing models, datasets and major insights. We also pay heed to aligning our overview with the emerging outlook of this research direction by accounting for the other recently materializing reviews of the broader research direction of LLMs. Our self-contained comprehensive overview of LLMs discusses relevant background concepts along with covering the advanced topics at the frontier of this research direction. This review article is intended to not only provide a systematic survey, but also a quick comprehensive reference for the researchers and practitioners to draw insights from extensive informative summaries of the existing works to advance the LLM research direction.

Submitted to arXiv on 12 Jul. 2023

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