Frequently Asked Questions

What is this website about?
This website is a platform that summarizes scientific papers from arXiv using AI and allows you to interrogate our virtual assistant about the content of all articles.
How does the AI summarization work?
The AI uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze and extract the most important information from the papers, and present it in a condensed and understandable format. It is using the latest engines from OpenAI, gpt3, gpt3.5 and gpt4.
Who is behind this website?
This website is developed and maintained by a researcher in astrophysics (Quentin Kral) who want to allow everyone to access research results.
How can I cite you?

In bibtex you can use the following snippet

                author = {{}},
                title = { SummarizePaper: AI Powered Article Summarization and Virtual Assistant },
                url = { },
                year = { 2023 },
                date = { 2023-03-30 },

In other cases, anything which includes our URL is OK. For example: "; SummarizePaper: AI Powered Article Summarization and Virtual Assistant; accessed xxxx/xx/xx"

How can I suggest a paper for summarization?
You can search for a specific paper using the search bar on the home page or just type in the arXiv ID of the paper you want to summarize and it will show you a summary and more. Note that if it is the first time this specific article is being looked for, then it will have to run our AI code to summarize it, which may take a few minutes.
Is this website free to use?
Yes, this website is completely free to use.
What is the process of summarizing a paper?
The process of summarizing a paper involves several steps, including text pre-processing, feature extraction, and summarization using a series of complex prompts. The AI uses a combination of natural language processing and machine learning techniques to analyze the paper and generate a concise summary.
Is the code open-source?
Yes, the code is open source and freely accessible. You can join us and help to make the tool even better.
Is there a limit to the number of papers I can summarize?
There is no limit to the number of papers you can summarize (but this may change if it gets overloaded). You can use the platform as much as you need to keep updated on the latest research developments.