A survey on haptic technologies for mobile augmented reality

Authors: Carlos Bermejo, Pan Hui

Abstract: Augmented Reality (AR) and Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR) applications have gained much research and industry attention these days. The mobile nature of MAR applications limits users' interaction capabilities such as inputs, and haptic feedbacks. This survey reviews current research issues in the area of human computer interaction for MAR and haptic devices. The survey first presents human sensing capabilities and their applicability in AR applications. We classify haptic devices into two groups according to the triggered sense: cutaneous/tactile: touch, active surfaces, and mid-air, kinesthetic: manipulandum, grasp, and exoskeleton. Due to the mobile capabilities of MAR applications, we mainly focus our study on wearable haptic devices for each category and their AR possibilities. To conclude, we discuss the future paths that haptic feedbacks should follow for MAR applications and their challenges.

Submitted to arXiv on 03 Sep. 2017

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